The Great Refiner

by Redshift

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The debut EP from progressive metal pugilists Redshift.

Physical copies available here:


released December 5, 2014

Jake Spanier: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Joe McCumber: Guitars, Vocals
Kevin Shermock: Percussion, Vocals
Guest Vocals on "To Die Would Be A Great Adventure," by Dominique DeZiel
Guest Vocals on "Hypnothermia," by Sami Sati
Recorded and produced by Will Lund
Edited by Blake Hosler
Artwork by John Vylasek and Dominique DeZiel
All Music written and performed by Redshift




Redshift Minneapolis, Minnesota

These boys constantly strive for originality, in a desperate attempt to sidestep the shrieking hordes that seem to dominate all genres of heavy music. They seek to become the collective "best man," in the wedding of beauty and brutality. They want nothing more than to make it big; if only so they can pool their collective wealth in an insane plot to purchase the elephant man's remains. ... more

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Track Name: Protodisk
Sonic clouds of dust
From which the Gods were formed
Origins of mind and soul
And everything you will ever know

Creation is a concept, you cannot comprehend
You could die a thousand times, and still not see the end

Solar system rising
To create it must destroy

The Great Refiner
The Protodisk
In Sacred Fire
We are made to exist
Track Name: To Die Would Be a Great Adventure
How does the sky move?
In a painted world
A canvas
With no course

Why do the colors change?
Against the waves

I fight to stay afloat, so she carries me
Embodiment of hope, and infinity

Journey, endless, human, burden, to not fear, changes, and move towards, wisdom

Cross the divide
As gravity gives-way
Just close your eyes
And let it go

Leave this wreckage behind
I am on the mend
Rebuild as I transcend
Track Name: Hypnothermia
I feel the roots beneath my feet
Shifting soil as they reach for me
A compost ocean with floating trees
They are calling me back

Grow, decay, transform
Earth, takes what she wants
Return what is not yours
Feed those you fed on

The air is made of whispers now
So many words I cannot hear
and I
Peel the bark and count the rings
A thousand lives in one

Feast on flesh bone
Breaking down your body into
Earth absorbs your life
Become one with all around you
Son, now take my hand
Do not falter, do not fear me

Darkness and frozen trees
Closing in on me
And my fear gives me strength

Warm liberation
Now overcomes me
And I see my escape
Track Name: Psychic Canine Overlords
Run, you can't hide
No escape, they're in your minds

You let us into your homes
You let us win

Fangs gnash through your brains
Crushing your will

Look in my eyes
And know that you are mine

Slave, now submit to my will
Do as I see fit

Fangs gnash through your brains
Crushing your will

Sit, stay, who wears the leash now?

Sit, stay, wear the leash.